Inner School (dot) org
Inner School is for connecting and sharing on topics related to spirituality. Feel free to join the #IS IRC channel.
Contact Email :
Services Enabled:
Internet Relay Chat (SSL)
Client Program: SSL Supporting IRC Client
Example(s): Chatzilla Add-on for Firefox, Xchat

IRC Channel Information:
port (ssl only): 6697
channel: #is
Chatzilla Connect Links:
Chatzilla Installation Instructions
Installation procedure: Visit Chatzilla add-on page, click "Add to Firefox". Click "Allow" and wait for "Add-on downloading" dialog to finish, then cilck "Install Now." Visit this site ( again + click the link below to connect to IRC -- it will ask to confirm security key-- Click "add an exception"-- ignore the warnings (the SSL certificate for the chat is self-generated and not from a paid SSL certificate issuer) , then click "Confirm Security Exception" -- wait until connect finishes-- and you should enter into the chat.

If that doesn't work, close your chatzilla window, double click the onion icon (open vidalia control panel) and then click "Use a New Identity" and then click on the IRC link "(Click on this to connect)" on this page. Repeat until connection succeeds. You may change your nick at any time by typing /nick your_new_nick

Encryption Algos:
(Ephemeral DH Perfect Forward Secrecy Enabled)
Host Masking Enabled: Your IP address will show up like thus: "username@net-ctx.fyz.tynlv7.IP" to other users.

Easy Secure / Anonymous Connection to IRC
Download and Install Tor Browsing Bundle + Run Application "start-tor-browser" in directory tor-browser_en-US / etc.
Install Chatzilla Plugin in Tor Browser:

Repeat installation procedures above for Firefox, except in Tor Browsing Bundle.
(Click on this to connect)
Direct Connect Hub
Name: Spirituality
Client Program: Direct Connect Client
Examples: DC++
FTP Secure
Client Program: FTPS Client
Example(s): Filezilla FTP Client
KRSNA Files: Ask for Connection Details in IRC or Send Email to
Hundred+ Gigabytes of content (audio, audiobooks, books, pictures, video) pertaining to KRSNA : The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Bhagavad Gita, Mahabharata, Prabhupada, Ramayana, Srimad Bhagavatam, Sanskrit, Vedas and Vedic Literature, Upanishads & More! (with many English translations)
Kabbalah Files: Ask for Connection Details in IRC or Send Email to
Fifty+ Gigabytes of content (audio, audiobooks, books, pictures, video) pertaining to Kabbalah, Seforim, Sefer Raziel, Talmud, Talmud Eser Sefirot, Tanakh, Torah, Zohar and related Scriptures and Texts & More! (with many English translations)